Jun. 6th, 2012

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Hi my name is Tiffany A Babb and my husband needs a heart transplant and our state has refused to do transplant so need to earn the money to travel to Oregon for Operation so looks like we will need to try to raise about 10,000.00 dollars for the venture, please help and god bless


Yes, real. This is my sister's boyfriend brother. He has had heart problems and  I think he's late twenties early thirties. A few weeks ago he had to have surgery/close to dying. He's been preparing his brother (my sister's boyfriend) all his life for the day he does die. This is something they have been going through for a very long time andddd my state sucks and is not going to help them pay for the expense. So, they are planning on going to Oregon, the state of where they use to live and try to get the surgery there. I do not know a whole lot but I know that he does need it. We are all struggling and cannot just whip out the cash to spend on this oh how I wish we could! 

I am going to ask my sister more about this and everything else if anyone has any question.

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