Jun. 8th, 2012


Jun. 8th, 2012 07:41 am
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Do any of you know of interesting/childish and interactive game sites specific to grammar/writing and not spelling? I am a rather darn good speller if I do say so myself. My problem is the grammar part because I do not understand it (i moved a lot as a child and always made it to where we were done with grammar-y type subjects and was always yelled at about HOW I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT).

I am looking around for something like the khanacademy site that is for writing and spelling (yerrr I know I just said no spelling) but yeah. Or, I find some three letter spelling games. And, well, I know how to spell ant already.

Oh, I also had found a site that teaches you how to count back change. I do not know how to do this either I struggle with numbers and "seeing" the order of the change backwards it's really hard. I don't know if it's apart of being dyslexic. I was never really "taught" out of this, I just had to wing it most of my life..cos' of the YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THIS type teachers..ergggh.  I wish I was sarcastic at elementary age as I would tell them WHY THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW WHEN I WAS JUST TOLD THIS. I mean, why did they seriously think I could just wing my way out of this problem? I mean I did, I also had to walk myself through stuttering growing up I have managed and I realized..after...researching it for a class.... that I do hide by talking in smaller words/simplistically. So now I am trying to change how I behave and am starting to be OK with my stuttering and letting it slip out because I need to practice around the problem more. 

I am avoiding homework if you can't tell.

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