Jul. 9th, 2012

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I am reading Heat Wave and i am not very pleased with it. I have learned I do not like cop books, this one reads to me as if I was reading a TV show. So it's a bit hard to get into because I don't like TV shows that much.

(except cartoons)

I do not care the genre (even if it's a cop book), I am trying to branch out and experience other types of books. But it's hard for me to branch out when I keep leaning toward the same types of books.

So, what are you all watching/reading etc? I haven't watched tv in over a month. I love Pandora and listen to it mostly everyday.

Bobby had to call me in. I had to battle to get into the bedroom from the bathroom. Standing is not an option atm.
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Thus she isolated herself from them, lest they contaminate her with their twin diseases of freedom and independence. P.222

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