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2012-03-16 11:12 am

The Hunger Games

I've bought tickets for the movie, next Friday at 9PM. It has been what feels like forever since I've purchased the tickets. I have never purchased tickets in advanced so it is strange. I bought tickets for Sisters and Myself, my boyfriend and my youngest sister's boyfriend. And, the time was chosen because that is really the only time I could think where everyone wasn't doing anything. My boyfriend works so we couldn't do an early show. It would have been nice to go during the day because it's Spring Break.

I can't wait to see it I hope it's decent/good worth buying the tickets. I read the books in October, and didn't know they were making a movie for it until I went to see about the author. i wanted to know about other books since I like trying to read more books by the same author if i enjoy the book. I want to read her underground books but I haven't been able to afford much of anything at the moment.

I also like that the closer we get to it coming out more and more people on my facebook are starting to read the books. So, I am glad now I can geek out about the book at random moments on facebook and occasionally on livejournal. It'll be nice because I didn't have anyone besides my sisters to talk about it. And, I think i was starting to annoy my sisters. They enjoyed the books but I like talking about things that we've mutually read so yeah.