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I cannot wait until I can sit for a very long time. This would allow me to type up the rest of my story. Yesterday i was able to sit for two hours online and all that time was dedicated to my homework. The major stuff first, then fun =) I will have twenty days off of school after I get done with this semester.

Physical Therapy they gave me three exercises so I have stretches and exercises to do now. all three times daily. Since I am not taking muscle relaxers to sleep I cannot sleep. I sleep with my hands over my head which hurts, sooo. I battle that most of the night. Yay.
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Thus she isolated herself from them, lest they contaminate her with their twin diseases of freedom and independence. P.222
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I am reading Heat Wave and i am not very pleased with it. I have learned I do not like cop books, this one reads to me as if I was reading a TV show. So it's a bit hard to get into because I don't like TV shows that much.

(except cartoons)

I do not care the genre (even if it's a cop book), I am trying to branch out and experience other types of books. But it's hard for me to branch out when I keep leaning toward the same types of books.

So, what are you all watching/reading etc? I haven't watched tv in over a month. I love Pandora and listen to it mostly everyday.

Bobby had to call me in. I had to battle to get into the bedroom from the bathroom. Standing is not an option atm.


Jul. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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Do you follow any authors? Why? Are they favourite author or do you just like reading what they have to say? Or are they all just authors you adore?

I follow a small handful of authors on Goodreads for their blog entries. I follow Veronica Roth and Kristen Cashore just for their blogs. I'm not sure why. Patricia C. Wrede writes professional journal entries about writing and books which is nice. Tamora Pierce reviews, friends and journals (occasionally). I read her reviews even if I am not even going to reaad the book. Just in case I do.

I think in general i just love blogs. I love reading about how everyone is doing, the boring stuff, the weird stuff, the stuff I wish I never stumbled upon. TO side track: On Livejournal a lot of tiimes if you hit 'random journal' you will more than likely find a scary sex journal. Or, Russian scary sex bahaha.

Anyway, that is my question.

I have been laying doing nothing. I stupidly moved weird and now my neck extra hurts!!! YAY ME.
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I just found out

Socks have latex

One of my co-workers told me & I googled to see.


Is probably why my feet itch aLlLLL the timeee && all other weird allergy-like I keep having.

I just thought I was having weird allergy reactions to other allergies i have

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The last novel I finished was "Ice" now I am reading a book closer to the temperatures to what I am living through. lol. I am not too far into this book and have never watched the tv show related to this book series. I did not even know it was it until I opened the book and that little circle saying " watch castle"

  This is a book with three books?S tories? From all the authors listed. The first story is written by Mercedes Lackey, and that's where i am in the book so far. And, I think it is going to be good. Its about marriages "glove" marriages I think its what it is called, where someone stands in place of the husband and the woman who is being married has no idea who/what her new husband looks like.

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"Don't you fucking give up on me now, Lollipop"


Jun. 24th, 2012 11:43 pm
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I've had it over twenty-four hours now. I'm ready to  rip out that portion of my skull. My day has been wasted with sleeping with a shirt tied around my head (to relieve pressure) and a pillow with my arm on top -- all to relieve pressure. Hoping tomorrow is better.

Have a great Monday  !!
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Well hello!
It's nearing my midterm!!!

So scary!!
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Found nothing so they are going to start sending me to physical therapy. Man-o-man what the heck. I hope it's not expensive otherwise I am not going to be able to do it anyway.
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Not only do I cashier, lay around, and do homework but I write for the hell of it,too. I am writing this to see if anyone would be interested in reading some of my stories. I was inspired in doing this after one of my high school friends blocked me from Facebook -- for commenting on her Facebook status-- don't ask why that inspired me but it did.

I don't write adult stories so there isn't going to be a whole lot of cussing or sexing in the stories. Also I will try to only post Tuesday/Thursdays. And they are absolutely not realistic, I like to write fantasy type stuff. So there's going to be dragons and such...

I really just want to know if they can be read without someone dying because of them. And any help with things that I should be doing, not be doing. Stuff like that.

I enjoy writing stories but would like to see if there are people who would be interested in reading my stories. It's kind of lonely writing about things and no one to share it with. I handwrite the stories so Ill try to post a little bit of how  I write down below so that you can decide whether you want to or not.

Thanks for reading =)
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4/5 -- Mine solely on what I found funny in the book.

       I enjoyed the book especially Arthur's bits where he mostly just says "What?" because things going on around him. I think it fit perfectly the amount of "what?"s he did because ...in all reality, I think that's where I would be going with my sentences if I just found out one of my friends was an alien from a planet in around Betelgeuse. Well, on top of that the fact your house is about to be demolished, then you find out your entire planet is about to be demolished. During these life experiences one really can't see no reason why he says it so much going through the book.
Ford gave up, it wasn't worth bothering at the moment, what with the world about to end. He just said "drink up"

He added, perfectly factually, "the world's about to end"

Arthur gave the rest of the pub another wan smile. The rest of the pub frowned at him. A man waved him to stop smiling at them and to mind his own business.

"This must be Thursday", Arthur said to himself, sinking low over his beer. "I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

Pg. 20

And, Marvin the depressed robot is amazingly hilarious. Because you know them depressed folks are a hoot! Anyway, no really his bits are awesome.

I do not have much to criticize mainly because I read it for laughs and that's what it gave me. It's a bit "random" but not so much that you will look around and ask everyone in the room, "Wtf?". Its the good and organized-like type of random that goes with the story but really wasn't that necessary ..but necessary for this book. If that makes any sense at all.

Right now I am reading...

Well of Darkness by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey.

Both are fantasy novels I checked out at the library. I am so far enjoying Arrows of the Queen better because the pace is a bit quicker than the start of the Well of Darkness. But sometimes slow turns into a faster ending or a well-paced book that it's just enjoyable even if it's kind of slow. If that makes any sense. I only had four hours of sleep last night so I am a bit sleepy-time minded.

If you haven't read Mercedes Lackey or Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman , I say go for it. They are kind of hard to get into usually at the beginning of the books. For me they are because they describe in great detail things that are in their world. Which is nice because it isn't like ours so you want to know what it looks like and what is going on but sometimes...the descriptive is a bit slow, but once you get passed all that it's usually a really good or decent book.

And, I am seven books behind my reading 50 books in a year. Which isn't horrible.

How are you and I hope this Thursday goes well for you. I am going to do some homework and then go back to bed.

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it hurts to journal or sit for a long time. So ill be heree but wont be commentng or updating lots.


Jun. 13th, 2012 08:16 am
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My rating: 3.5

      Character development felt force and  I had a hard time relating to the main character. Tris at times feels very robotic that she does not feel the same way as what she is suppose to. I mean it's like the author is trying to force her into being one personality while this character is trying to edge away from it. Like, the author did not know really where she was trying to go with Tris and just didn't bother to clean up the messes. Or because of how large this book is it could have been hard to keep a great track over personality traits.

       I did not enjoy the love part. The interest named Four felt weird. Since at the beginning of the story he is talked as the instructor so I assume a lot older. She tells how Eric is not that old , either. But "young" to me does not mean much it could mean looks young, acts young, is young. She probably did a well enough job telling me he was a young adult but I interpreted as youthful looking. Because it's commonly used to describe someone who is strong in character (may it be villain or hero).

     I realize she is competing for a higher spot than her friends. That her friends are also her competition. But damn, these are some horrible and strange friend/competitors. The allies are a bit forced like she is frenemies and has a hard time connecting to the ones the author gives her. So, the author creates her some Dauntless born friends who connect well with her because they are all high-ranked like her. So in turn are not always jealous of her. Which I find weird because in this book dauntless born and the new initiates are competing against one another. I realize they are doing well but in the end they are also competing with her.

      The villains are a group of fun-tastic children. They are the same age as her, which is around 16. They cannot for the life of them muster up true and hurtful insults. The way they insult makes me wonder if this book is suppose to be for younger ages.  I mean when you are bullied it really does not matter what or how they say it. It can just hurt knowing they are attacking you. It's all I can think is why/how they are acting is because of this or the author did not know how to write enemies.

She is transforming into a  Dauntless as she can relate better/well with her Dauntless-born initiates/friends/competitors. Which is really weird because at the end of the book she realizes she is not "dauntless" or "Abnegation" out of nowhere. I realize you as a person can change from many molds but why is she transforming into this likable person among the Dauntless then BAM! nothing? It's like the author was creating this character and then remembered she wanted to write a few more books on this girl so she had to re-mold her to fit into the next book.

Four in the story is a bit mixed up. I already spoke about him I realize this but his place in this story is just weird. Like he warns her that they are watching her. But they are not really watching her all that well. I mean, she gets away with a lot of things. The biggest trouble this girl gets into toward the middle is that she randomly decides to visit her brother in the faction he chose. I just feel like it was kind of pointless to warn her that they were watching her if they weren't really going to do anything. And, if they were really that hardcore watching her they would have been aware of their secret get togethers. I just feel like they were horrible villians lol.

      Another thing is when her mother tells her not to outshine the others. So what does she do? Outshines them and still nothing happens to her (with the main "bad guys"). She is just now a target for the bullies to antagonize even one of her friends attack her in one part of the book because yknow they are jealous of her and all that wonderful jazz. During this they are groping her and whatever and she tells Four afterwards and she is like, "Well almost" she does not fully accept that they did touch her inappropriately? It's like it didn't really matter cos yknow they didn't  take her virginity so it's all good. It is also makes it like she is awesomely brave/cool that she accepted what happened to her and is not bothered by it. When to me, you should be. But yknow, again, whatever!

      She is also one of those characters who goes from meak to amazingly strong really quickly. I realize when you're thrown into something different someitmes a person makes it or breaks.  But she just had to practice things a few times you never heard about her having to go in for extra training or whatever because she was Abnegation, they didn't do what she was doing as a dauntless. I mean, I know there are really people out there who just get things quickly. But she got strong and everything esle REALLY fast. The initiation is like only a month ...

     The ending really bothered me...felt disturbing. I'm not going to really discuss that part beause no one likes to know the end. Unless you're me and sometimes will read the end of the book to see if you' like the ending pages enough to fumble through the rest of it. I think I should have done it with this book. Im sorry this review is really long but I just finished it so it's all still mumbled & jumbled in my head.

     Oh and the Dauntless are a bunch of hooligans. The goths/punks/whateverfuk mixed into a group of people. Reading this they are suppose to be guarding the city. But the make like guarding the city is a shit job and you don't want  THAT job. The ones you want are in the security watching tv screens all the time. They do not try to hint at what they are protecting each other from. It's not like the factions do not interact with each other. They don't "associate" openly but I mean they were visited by an Amity truck because they dropped off some produce or something. lt just was a watered down version of a tough guy from TV.

      I did not enjoy the book and won't be reading the second one. Unless I am that desperate for a read. Other than that I cannot/won't say *not* to read it because you may get something out of it that I didn't get.  I could not relate to Tris and her struggles because to me they felt fake, like she was just some whiney teen who had no real problems. And, when she did face real problems she had no human reaction to them and then pouted about her other problems.

     She is afraid of being factionless. She is afraid of not belonging and being apart of the homeless population. Which I can understand if she was really at risk for being homeless. But she was excelling and had less of a chance of being kicked out of the initiations. It also bothered me that at the start of the book the author writes in a scary homeless man that Tris encounters. this really irked me. I mean I realize there are not ALWAYS nice people in the world. But it's also believed that the homeless are SCARRRRYYYY so yknow let's just throw more dirt on this belief.

And Im done talking about this book =). Check it out at the library or if someone lets you borrow it but I don't think anyone should waste cash on this book.

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      In a word , old Roger Chillingworth was a striking evidence of man's faculty of transforming himself into a devil, if he will only, for a reasonable space of time, undertake a devil's office. This unhappy person had effected such a transformation by devoting himself, for seven years, to the constant analysis of a heart full of torture, and deriving his enjoyment thence, and adding fuel to those fiery tortures which he analyzed and gloated over.
      The scarlet letter burned on Hester Prynne's bosom. Here was another ruin, the responsibility of which partly home to her.

Page 177 (Barnes & noble version) Scarlett Letter.
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"You know, most boys would enjoy being trapped in close quarters with a girl." I roll my eyes.

"Not claustrophobic people. Tris!" He sounds desperate now.

page. 325 of divergent.


Jun. 8th, 2012 07:41 am
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Do any of you know of interesting/childish and interactive game sites specific to grammar/writing and not spelling? I am a rather darn good speller if I do say so myself. My problem is the grammar part because I do not understand it (i moved a lot as a child and always made it to where we were done with grammar-y type subjects and was always yelled at about HOW I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT).

I am looking around for something like the khanacademy site that is for writing and spelling (yerrr I know I just said no spelling) but yeah. Or, I find some three letter spelling games. And, well, I know how to spell ant already.

Oh, I also had found a site that teaches you how to count back change. I do not know how to do this either I struggle with numbers and "seeing" the order of the change backwards it's really hard. I don't know if it's apart of being dyslexic. I was never really "taught" out of this, I just had to wing it most of my life..cos' of the YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THIS type teachers..ergggh.  I wish I was sarcastic at elementary age as I would tell them WHY THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW WHEN I WAS JUST TOLD THIS. I mean, why did they seriously think I could just wing my way out of this problem? I mean I did, I also had to walk myself through stuttering growing up I have managed and I realized..after...researching it for a class.... that I do hide by talking in smaller words/simplistically. So now I am trying to change how I behave and am starting to be OK with my stuttering and letting it slip out because I need to practice around the problem more. 

I am avoiding homework if you can't tell.

Day 2

Jun. 7th, 2012 07:11 am
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Just 28 days more of this =) wayyy too early and starved man, starved.
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Hi my name is Tiffany A Babb and my husband needs a heart transplant and our state has refused to do transplant so need to earn the money to travel to Oregon for Operation so looks like we will need to try to raise about 10,000.00 dollars for the venture, please help and god bless


Yes, real. This is my sister's boyfriend brother. He has had heart problems and  I think he's late twenties early thirties. A few weeks ago he had to have surgery/close to dying. He's been preparing his brother (my sister's boyfriend) all his life for the day he does die. This is something they have been going through for a very long time andddd my state sucks and is not going to help them pay for the expense. So, they are planning on going to Oregon, the state of where they use to live and try to get the surgery there. I do not know a whole lot but I know that he does need it. We are all struggling and cannot just whip out the cash to spend on this oh how I wish we could! 

I am going to ask my sister more about this and everything else if anyone has any question.