Jul. 1st, 2012

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The last novel I finished was "Ice" now I am reading a book closer to the temperatures to what I am living through. lol. I am not too far into this book and have never watched the tv show related to this book series. I did not even know it was it until I opened the book and that little circle saying " watch castle"

  This is a book with three books?S tories? From all the authors listed. The first story is written by Mercedes Lackey, and that's where i am in the book so far. And, I think it is going to be good. Its about marriages "glove" marriages I think its what it is called, where someone stands in place of the husband and the woman who is being married has no idea who/what her new husband looks like.

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I just found out

Socks have latex

One of my co-workers told me & I googled to see.


Is probably why my feet itch aLlLLL the timeee && all other weird allergy-like I keep having.

I just thought I was having weird allergy reactions to other allergies i have


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