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"I have never had an ulcer," Roscommon said, "I am fifty eight years old and if I do say so myself, I am in the prime of health and the pink of fucking goddamned good condition. But if I ever get an ulcer, if I ever do fall down and collapse on the floor with motherfucking apoplexy, it will be the fault of Terry Mooney"
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I do not really enjoy reading books about villains as this is one of those. I enjoy villains who are indeed human and who do have "good" in them (just as good as some bad in them,etc). I find it disturbing though that in these books many of these characters "dont care" I realize some villains really don't care. But I find this frequently in books that I read. I do not know if it's just fantasy or what but the person shows no emotion toward killing or the dying. Maybe they do not care as they are in the heat of the moment -- violence everywhere, dying everywhere it can swallow up the mind. Maybe its because I live in a very violent side of the town where people mindlessly kill someone over stupid things or injure those that they supposedly love that I feel pained when reading "dont care/didn't care/hated him anyways" type mindsets when someone dies.

I am not saying that the characters are emotionless robots, they aren't. Gareth struggles with practicing void magic because it is illegal where they live, he adores Helmos (the Prince that will be king) and the King, who are all of Good and the gods. Which I understand when you find someone to "worship/adore" and you do not live up to how they are. ..it can be horrible. Gareth is one of those that doesn't ever see that he is worthy enough for their affection or attention. and he is bound to the prince, because he came into the palace to be the prince's whipping boy. His only love is the dedication he has to the Prince Dagnarus, he sees an older prostitute to "settle his needs" but he has no love other than that.

Prince Dagnarus finds love in the wrong place == the woman he fell for is a Lady, who is already married. An elven woman who if found cheating would be killed and so would her children if she had any (thankfully not). But there love was short-lived towards the end of the book when he becomes the Lord of Void, because the husband of her comes to her to seek revenge on her for dishonoring him and their family. So, she is struck by an arrow, an artery and bleeds out. But she does not die, not completely anyway -- she vows herself to the void and is then turned into a vrykrl.

Helmos, the good-guy?. The crown-prince I guess is what they call him. He is a scholarly man who is well , to be king. The father dies after his son, Dagnarus turns into the Lord of Void probably of a heart attack from all the commotion of the ceremony.  He has a wife named Anne, who is darling and wishes to have children but cannot have any. He dies at the end of the book,  she is alive as Dagnarus finds her with his mother caring for her, he sets guards out side the doorway and allows them to live --- see what I mean about a villain with emotions? he still somewhere loves his mother. Helmos is a minor character they do not really talk about him or use his POV very much. I think because he is one of those that is to be killed at the end they didn't want to give too much emotional appeal to the dying. Or, well, he was a character written in specifically to die.

I also think his life was meant to be "tragic" jsut as his brothers life is. He had his love, all to himself, and all they wanted were children and couldn't have any. Dagnarus finally gets to have his love but she dies a few days after they escape.

Tamaros: The king, who believed solely in the help of the gods. THe GODS will do everything type dedication. if he was a real person he would be that person dying who would only rely on the gods to save him when he could have walked down to the dr office.

I did a break down of the characters bcos i did enjoy them greatly. they were well written. It just bothers me about the emotion toward the dying, death, destruction. I know the blind-lust for things that what you want will have you ignoring things and destroying things until you get what you want. But like I said, Gareth was really the only one they showed about who had sometime of emotion towards others and sometimes it just wasn't out of selfishness.

it isn't that I wanted them to weep over every person that they killed or saw dying. Its there was nothing towards the deaths at all. I realize warring is deadly and people die. But it bothers me the lack of emotion when it is written in stories it just for me  helps worsen things, turning things cynical or keeping it at bay, because if you can't feel the pain from what is going on ..you don't really care that there are dying people. And, I am not talking about the books. I feel that the more we write apathy into stories and into movies..it's just not helping. I realize not everyone cares about strangers that it is hard to connect with those you do not know. But I do not like the attitude we have towards all of this.

The story is good, the writing that is  there is humor through out. The Orken -- a sea people who are superstitious The Elves -- which are sneaky and political  --- Dwarves -- like to roam around and do things on horses . I am sure there are other things that were listed but I cant remember.

They have elemental magic  -- fire, water, wind, earth -- the good magics that take forever to learn, study  and practice. the void is a quicker but more destructive of the magics.

It is five hundred something pages but reads really fast and especially once you get into the second half of the book it gets really going. I read it when I cant sleep at night due to the amount of pain I am. The story helps me forget the pain though it irritated me the things that happened at the end of the book. Its the first out of a sequel. Thankfully the book ended just as if I could leave it and not have to read onto further. If I chose that route.

I think I may read the second book though I did not check to make sure my library had a copy of it.

I would suggest this book especially if you like action and villains. Especially if you do not like romance or if you like the broken up kind. This story is based off a game, which one I am not sure. lol.

The next book I am reading is: Take A Thief by Mercedes Lackey  

What Wiki says of it:
Take a Thief: A Novel of Valdemar is a 2001 young-adult novel about Skif, an orphaned pickpocket, who finds a magical horse. Written by Mercedes Lackey, the novel is the third in the Heralds of Valdemar series, and introduces Skif, who appears in the subsequent Valdemar book Arrows of the Queen

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My body hates me that is all there is to it.

Well of Darkness: Dominion Lords, are those who are changed by the gods for peace?  They go through seven tests (I think its seven) and if they pass them all they will then proceed with the Transfiguration. Which Gareth, the friend to the Prince is afraid he'll die if he goes through with it because they dabble in and about with the Void. Which when one does, it's denouncing the gods or some nonsense but Gareth tells him how to pass all the tests so he can proceed to the transfiguration. I realize the Prince wants this to be, but why would you show your friend how to pass if you fear that if he does succeed he will die? It just seems so strange to me to do that.

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Thus she isolated herself from them, lest they contaminate her with their twin diseases of freedom and independence. P.222
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I am reading Heat Wave and i am not very pleased with it. I have learned I do not like cop books, this one reads to me as if I was reading a TV show. So it's a bit hard to get into because I don't like TV shows that much.

(except cartoons)

I do not care the genre (even if it's a cop book), I am trying to branch out and experience other types of books. But it's hard for me to branch out when I keep leaning toward the same types of books.

So, what are you all watching/reading etc? I haven't watched tv in over a month. I love Pandora and listen to it mostly everyday.

Bobby had to call me in. I had to battle to get into the bedroom from the bathroom. Standing is not an option atm.
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The last novel I finished was "Ice" now I am reading a book closer to the temperatures to what I am living through. lol. I am not too far into this book and have never watched the tv show related to this book series. I did not even know it was it until I opened the book and that little circle saying " watch castle"

  This is a book with three books?S tories? From all the authors listed. The first story is written by Mercedes Lackey, and that's where i am in the book so far. And, I think it is going to be good. Its about marriages "glove" marriages I think its what it is called, where someone stands in place of the husband and the woman who is being married has no idea who/what her new husband looks like.

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4/5 -- Mine solely on what I found funny in the book.

       I enjoyed the book especially Arthur's bits where he mostly just says "What?" because things going on around him. I think it fit perfectly the amount of "what?"s he did because ...in all reality, I think that's where I would be going with my sentences if I just found out one of my friends was an alien from a planet in around Betelgeuse. Well, on top of that the fact your house is about to be demolished, then you find out your entire planet is about to be demolished. During these life experiences one really can't see no reason why he says it so much going through the book.
Ford gave up, it wasn't worth bothering at the moment, what with the world about to end. He just said "drink up"

He added, perfectly factually, "the world's about to end"

Arthur gave the rest of the pub another wan smile. The rest of the pub frowned at him. A man waved him to stop smiling at them and to mind his own business.

"This must be Thursday", Arthur said to himself, sinking low over his beer. "I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

Pg. 20

And, Marvin the depressed robot is amazingly hilarious. Because you know them depressed folks are a hoot! Anyway, no really his bits are awesome.

I do not have much to criticize mainly because I read it for laughs and that's what it gave me. It's a bit "random" but not so much that you will look around and ask everyone in the room, "Wtf?". Its the good and organized-like type of random that goes with the story but really wasn't that necessary ..but necessary for this book. If that makes any sense at all.

Right now I am reading...

Well of Darkness by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey.

Both are fantasy novels I checked out at the library. I am so far enjoying Arrows of the Queen better because the pace is a bit quicker than the start of the Well of Darkness. But sometimes slow turns into a faster ending or a well-paced book that it's just enjoyable even if it's kind of slow. If that makes any sense. I only had four hours of sleep last night so I am a bit sleepy-time minded.

If you haven't read Mercedes Lackey or Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman , I say go for it. They are kind of hard to get into usually at the beginning of the books. For me they are because they describe in great detail things that are in their world. Which is nice because it isn't like ours so you want to know what it looks like and what is going on but sometimes...the descriptive is a bit slow, but once you get passed all that it's usually a really good or decent book.

And, I am seven books behind my reading 50 books in a year. Which isn't horrible.

How are you and I hope this Thursday goes well for you. I am going to do some homework and then go back to bed.